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Out and About North Coast

Our “out and about” camps are awesome trips tailormade for your school. A 4 night beach walk from Zinkwazi to Ballito. A 2 night stay in St Lucia with a visit to the crocodile centre, Cape Vidal, Bat Cave, Mission Rocks and the Hluhluwe/Mfolozi Game Reserve.

About the Location

Zinkwazi Beach is a small town on the North Coast of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. It is well known for its lagoon, which is an estuary of the Zinkwazi River.

The main attraction of Ballito is its beautiful beaches. They're clean, well-maintained and protected by shark nets that are monitored by the Natal Sharks Board. The busy beaches have qualified lifeguards on duty throughout the year.

St Lucia was proclaimed as a world heritage site in 1999 by Unesco, St Lucia is South Africa's very first world heritage site and for good reason. The abundance of wildlife and natural beauty is incredible. To this very day, Hippo's can still be witnessed wandering down the streets at night in search of grass.

Accommodation & Activities

A 4 night beach walk from Zinkwazi to Ballito

A 2 night stay in St Lucia

Unique "Out and About" Experiences

  • Crocodile Centre

  • Cape Vidal

  • Bat Cave

  • Mission Rocks

  • Hluhluwe/Mfolozi Game Reserve

Campfire Reflections

Every evening, around the campfire we have a “highlights” and “lowlights” – what you enjoyed most about your day and what wasn’t such fun. What we’ve learnt from this is that what is a highlight for one is often a lowlight for another and vice versa! And that the most simple, everyday activities are actually the ones that mean the most – “my best was lying on my back looking up at the stars”, “my worst part of today was looking at the stars", "I was sure there was a frog that was going to jump on me”, “I loved making the fire”, “my highlight was throwing the ball for Stripe”, “I did not like our walk” “ I loved our walk!” and so it goes on. So for each child their experience is unique to them, experienced in their own unique way. 


Michael (Tikey) Odell leads a fantastic team of committed, fun, experienced facilitators whose focus first in on the safety of the children, many of them are qualified first aiders. In addition, a strong support staff make sure that mealtimes run smoothly and the camp is in ship shape.

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