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The need for children to be children is something that has been important to Kim and me for a long time.


With this in mind, when we laid out our garden, we planned for lots of open space for our children to play. Over the years we’ve noticed that if you add more children magic happens!! They play and play and play until they’re sweaty, exhausted and hungry!


A child’s instinct is to play, run, climb, hop, skip, dig, dance, catch and throw. To roll down hills and jump waves, to build forts, make a noise, make a mess, to explore! Play is spontaneous, creative and fun!


Instead of playing on an iPad or watching TV where can children go to do this in a safe environment?


Playing and movement is essential for a child’s development. It is one of the most important things parents can share with their children, but sadly this doesn’t happen these days as parents are either too busy and / or the children do not have the space and other children to play with.

At The Farm we have the time ... the friends …. and the space .... for your children to be children.


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