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Gwahumbe Game and Spa

Located at Gwahumbe Game and Spa this venue is rougher and tougher! We stay in tented camps on the river banks which offers swimming and bum sliding into the river, walks, game viewing and bow and arrow shooting.

About the Location

The exquisite and unforgettable Gwahumbe Reserve wins the heart of every visitor. This tranquil escape holds its own as a special destination for nature-lovers. The fact that it is a short distance from the major centres in KZN underscores its appeal – and makes it a bush sanctuary for anyone looking to quickly and easily get away from city life for a bit. From around the reserve, the striking cliff faces stand sentinel over Gwahumbe, offset by the plateau grassland and lush riverine forests. Gwahumbe lies at the confluence of the Umsunduze and Umgwahumbe River, from which it gets its name – and our very being is a tribute to the wonder of this special stretch of Africa.

Accommodation & Activities

Tented Accommodation which the kids set up themselves. 2 man tents with mattresses and ablution block available.

  • Swimming

  • Fishing

  • Walks

  • Cook and prepare own meals

Unique Gwahumbe Experiences

  • Game Drives & Walks

  • Bow and Arrow Shooting

  • Raft Building

  • Guided Walks

  • Survival Skills

Campfire Reflections

Every evening, around the campfire we have a “highlights” and “lowlights” – what you enjoyed most about your day and what wasn’t such fun. What we’ve learnt from this is that what is a highlight for one is often a lowlight for another and vice versa! And that the most simple, everyday activities are actually the ones that mean the most – “my best was lying on my back looking up at the stars”, “my worst part of today was looking at the stars", "I was sure there was a frog that was going to jump on me”, “I loved making the fire”, “my highlight was throwing the ball for Stripe”, “I did not like our walk” “ I loved our walk!” and so it goes on. So for each child their experience is unique to them, experienced in their own unique way. 


Michael (Tikey) Odell leads a fantastic team of committed, fun, experienced facilitators whose focus first in on the safety of the children, many of them are qualified first aiders. In addition, a strong support staff make sure that mealtimes run smoothly and the camp is in ship shape.

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